Huckleberry's Accessibility Cart: Elevate Family Adventures

The Huckleberry Cascade cart breaks through barriers by making mountain trails and other family adventures more accessible to everyone. The cart makes hiking and other activities more inclusive and attainable for individuals with varying physical abilities.

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Create Cherished Memories with Your WHOLE Family

The Huckleberry Cascade allows you to include everyone in your family or group in your outdoor adventures. Owning a Cascade Cart opens up new possibilities for you to reach special places you can’t reach without it.

Make Hiking Trails Accessible Without Moving a Single Rock

Our cart uses a single fat tire combined with an adjustable suspension system on the seat to create a smooth ride for your passenger as you navigate just about any type of terrain. 

From Trunk to Trail in Two Minutes


Unload and unfold your Huckleberry Cascade Cart from your vehicle.


Attach your Sherpa harness and seat assembly to the frame.


Load your passenger, harness up, hit the trail, and make some memories. 

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Engineered to Optimize Comfort & Safety for Both Passenger & Sherpa

This lightweight, backpack-styled harness system transfers 75% of the passenger's weight to the wheel, making longer excursions a more comfortable experience. Plus, we've dedicated extensive efforts to engineering analysis and testing to ensure lifetime durability.

Passenger Features: 

  • Cushioned, ergonomically-designed seat system for passengers weighing up to 50% of Sherpa's weight
  • Seatbelt and releasable adjustable 4-point harness, sidewalls, and footrests
  • Adjustable suspension system and reclining backrest

Sherpa Features: 

  • Highly adjustable external frame paired with backpack-style harness for Sherpas 5 ft or taller
  • Trekking poles that enhance stability and double as quick-release kickstands 
  • Easy-to-access brake lever for comfortable descents

Rise (or Hike) Above the Limits of Mountain Trails

Taking a child with limited mobility on rough terrains, family hikes, and other outdoor activities can limit your options.

The Huckleberry Cascade promotes wellness and inclusion in outdoor adventure by breaking down mobility barriers that prevent families from getting into the mountains – without limits. 

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